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IT Governance

How can IT provide value to your organization? Let us guide you with our holistic "HELPED, HEARD, and HELD" philosophy in giving your IT or project team the right approach to be the best partners in your business.


At the heart of all of these services is 'US' as a partner. We are here to advise you the best practices that are available out there, but not all companies are built the same and cannot use the same model, hence we are committed to finding the right approach for your organization and set a 'new' standard that you can excel in.

IT Projects

Do you have a long-timer of a project? Have you and your organization struggled with never ending scope changes? We are here to help. Guided with industry-proven best practices along with a gentle nature that the Pembina Valley is so accustomed to, your project success will definitely be within arms reach.

Business Process Analysis

Does it seem like your organization's processes was built using a house of cards? Do you and your employees exert extra effort, yet the productivity needle only swings a bit to the right? Let us help you with proven BPMN practices in analyzing where we can improve your processes to yield better results.

Business Process Outsourcing

Do you want to save in overhead costs but also to not compromise quality? We can provide business process outsourcing services for your organization to give you the most informed approach in selecting the right partner and provider. 

For Residential: SMARTER HOME

Let us help you with creating a SMART and Secure Home with our line of SMART Devices. All compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google as personal assistants and are installed by Red-Seal certified electricians.

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