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Our Background

We believe that everyone who is seeking a service require hands-on support and guidance, our clients are picked from potential organizations that sought our services and wanted to partner with us. We further this qualification by filtering thru this client list to where we can associate our name with them. We believe that we can best serve organizations that have the same culture and same values as our organization. To learn more about it, 

500 Stephen Community Center, Jenna Warkentine - Executive Director are our first clients, they have trusted us in revamping their website which is due to release this September 2023. Along with the website, 500 Stephen Community Center, also benefited from our CIO Concierge services utilizing Digital Transformation, IT Governance, and Project Management Services to elevate the center's position as a pioneer of Digital Services in the town and its neighboring municipalities. 



Wrap Canada has been introduced to Arceo Lopez Technical Management Consultants by colleagues in the school division, they too have sought Arceo Lopez's Digital Transformation services by making their website more current to attract more potential students, donors, and benefactors in the future. Their website is due to launch Q4-2023

Organizations doing good in the community is abundant especially in the Pembina Valley. One of these amazing organizations are the Constantino Group of Companies. Consta-Clean, Wang-Dao, Consta-Builders, and Consta-Finance build the empire that is Consta Group of Companies

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